Monday, January 2, 2012

The Beginning

Hello hello.  I have mulled it over.  I have thought it out.  And I have make a blog.  But I am very selfish, because this blog will probably benefit me more than it will benefit you.  I wanted a way to keep track of the books I've been reading, or to remember why a certain book brings instant fear and loathing in my mind (though I daresay there haven't been many of those), and so here it is!  My selfish gift to me for the new year. 
Also, I wish I could say I made this blog as a New Year's Resolution.  But I didn't.  Hadn't even thought of it, to tell you the truth.  But then again, I don't resolve to do anything each new year because I never follow through with them (nor do I even remember them).  So here we are!  You.  And me.  You reading my words, me writing them.  ...It's quite intimate, no? 
Well then I'll be off!  And I plan to have put together a book review of my latest read The Girl with the Steel Corset, which inadvertently started off my new year with a whimper.  But I'll get to that later.


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